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UNiVERsE 2 : Implosion Factor

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The follow-up to the breakout extreme unicycling video UNiVERsE, hits the scene with the most progressive, technical, and extreme riding to date. Eight of the world's best riders showcase the emerging sports of street, mountain, trials, and flatland unicycling.

Spaced Out

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Awesome new trials and mountain unicycle DVD featuring top North American riders!

You'll see amazing trials riding, jaw-dropping impossible wheeling, and very cool mountain unicycling on North Shore style structures. See the precision riding of Ben Plotkin-Swing on a stack of railroad girders. Check out the flowing style of Kevin McMullin as he launches himself down 7-stair sets. Marvel as Ryan Atkins rides impossible-seeming trials lines, raising trials unicycling to another level.

Into the Thunder Dragon

Starring Kris Holm & Nathan Hoover


47 minutes
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Mountain Unicyclists Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover on an adventure in the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan! Get ready for a spell-binding road trip and an evocative portrayal of the unique people and culture of Bhutan, searching for new riding terrain and finding surprises around every corner. This is an award winning film a Winner of the Best Film on Mountain Biking, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, the Best Cinematography under Extreme Conditions and a Film festival finalist at other international mountain film festivals in the USA, Slovakia, Hungary and Nepal.

One Tired Guy

Created by Sean white and Kris Holm
Produced by Derek Westerlund
Starring Kris Holm



23 minutes

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Kris Holm defines new freeride mountain unicycle standards in this extraordinary collection of action and adventure films!

This Film, One Tired Guy, has won awards at major film festivals worldwide; at the Banff Mountain film Festival, Kendall Film Festival, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Mountain film and screenings at numerous other festivals around the world.

SKILLETTO - This award-winning film includes short clips of  Kris riding the Vancouver North Shore, urban trials, and very scary slickrock atop the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, BC.
WHITETRAX-Think that mountain unicycles are only good for rocks and dirt? Think again. Watch Kris tackle mogul ski slopes steep hardpack and a snowboard terrain park in Whistler.
UNIZABA -An adventure on Mexico's highest volcano, El Pico de Orizaba. Kris is joined by Nathan Hoover as they ride terrain ranging from rooftops in Mexico City to rock-strewn slopes on a wild descent down Orizaba's south face.


Starring Kris Holm, Dan Heaton and Adam Ryznar

45 minutes

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This is the most outrageous off-road unicycling videotape ever produced. If any video can get unicycling into the X-games, this one's it. You'll grimace at the out-takes, and you'll enjoy the surprise ending. PAL format video from SYKO productions.


One Wheel - No Limit

Starring the unicyclists of the Twin City Unicycle Club

60 minutes
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One Wheel - No Limit is a new video that features some of the most talented unicyclists in the world as they perform a wide range of unicycling skills and tricks.  With over 200 clips, this hour-long video shows basic skills and many, many difficult moves - everything from easy mounts to skills past level 10.  If you are a beginner or an expert this video is for you. You can see the basics at the bottom end and you can marvel at what the champions can do


Additional video clips on the net.

We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of these clips.

Kris Holm MUni : Four and a half minutes of jaw-dropping mountain unicycling by Kris Holm. Filmed on the North Shore trails of Vancouver, Canada. Highly recommended.

This cool video is of Joe Baxter, unicycling in the woods and doing some street trials riding 1.67kb
Mike King and friends run this great MUni site featuring tips, photos and mpeg videos. Link
Unipsycho Extreme. A one hour video packed with intense offroad mountain unicycling action. Featuring a huge variety of mountain unicycle riding from scenic trails to brutal downhills and the wild North Shore! 23mb
Sample Clip
Chris Reeder's site with info on his custom seat handle, frames and how he upgraded his Coker to take a wider hub. There are also some downloadable video clips Link
Photos and video clips from Neil Dunlop on how to freemount and small backward rock Link
Photos and video clips from Neil Dunlop on how to freemount with wheel stationary Link
Photos and video clips from Neil Dunlop on how to ride seat in front Link
Photos and video of wall riding and drop from Neil Dunlop Link
Series of instructional videos of Kris Holm workshops at NUC in Canada.  Filmed by Jeff Lutkus. Highly recommended! Link
Video clips for the 2001 trails area at NUC, including some of Kris Holm.  Filmed by Jeff Lutkus Link
Miscellaneous video clips from Jeff Lutkus Link
Various Muni video clips, including the Sea Otter Classic from John Foss Link
Excellent video featuring some relatively new riders pulling some great trials moves from Muniac.  Lots of viewing options. Link
Lots of small clips from Scott at, a real fun mixture. Link
Some excellent trials videos showing some good riding by Ben Plotkin-Swing Link
University lecturer Colin and his son James venture out for a cycle ride around Southampton.
Tony riding down a two metre high rail. Link's new introduction video clip Link
There are loads of super cool Japanese freestyle videos here. Link