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Postage Costs

All prices include GST. Carriage is not included. Orders can be made over the internet or by calling us toll free on 1800 UNICYCLE 864 292. A downloadable order form is also available. Forms can be posted to us with a cheque or credit card number. Our shipping costs are in the table below. Please note shipping weights are based on volumetric pricing and do not necessarily indicate the actual weight of the unicycle. This is because the box is large but not very heavy, so freight companies charge by volume consumed.


Country Shipping Zone Carrier Cost and Weight
AU New South Wales - Country Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]1.10 per kg
AU New South Wales - Sydney Metro Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]0.50 per kg
AU Northern Territory Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]2.00 per kg
AU Queensland - Brisbane Metro Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]0.75 per kg
AU Queensland - Country Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]1.55 per kg
AU Queensland - Far North Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]1.90 per kg
AU South Australia - Adelaide Metro Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]0.60 per kg
AU South Australia - Country Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]1.25 per kg
AU Tasmania Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]1.50 per kg
AU Victoria - Country Standard Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]0.40 per kg
AU Victoria - Melbourne Metro Local Delivery [INVALID FORM VAR]11.00 plus [INVALID FORM VAR]11.00 plus [INVALID FORM VAR]