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There are numerous games that can be played on the unicycle which are not just really fun but interesting!


Gladiators is a game of mad riding around trying to knock everyone off their unicycles.

The game is played in a set area and when someone says go, you have to ride and knock as many people off as possible while trying to stay on your unicycle yourself! This game can get rough. The game is over when there is only one person left on their unicycle who becomes the winner. If the two people who were last riding both fall off, the last one to fall off wins!

Stuck in the Mud

I’m sure everyone is familiar with this game from childhood experiences. Well try playing it on unicycles!

There is always one person who is it! They must wear something to distinguish themselves as the person who is it! We have found that a hat works best, the sillier the better! When you have been tigged you must stop riding and get off you unicycle and wait for two people who have not been tigged to ride up either side of you and hold your hand, once this sequence has been done you are allowed to get back on your unicycle and ride again! The game is over when everyone has been caught!


This game is very similar to stuck in the mud but much simpler! You again have one person who is on; they have to ride around and tig a person. Once a person has been tigged that person becomes it and they will have to wear the hat or whatever distinguishing feature you have decided on and ride around to tig another person! The game has no winner!


Sumo is a one on one gladiator, which is played in a centre ring off a hall! The idea is to push your opponent off his or her unicycle or out of the circle. The winner is the one who is left on their unicycle or stays in the circle.

British Bulldog

Yet another familiar game. At the beginning you have one person on the unicycle who is ‘it’. This person is in the middle of the hall and all the other players are on one side of the hall. Everyone has to try and ride across to the other side of the hall without getting tagged by the person who is ‘it’. If a person is tagged they become a bull dog aswell and the game continues until there is only one person who hasn’t gotten tagged and they are the winner!


Similar to British Bulldog, but instead of several bull dogs trying to tag people when you are tagged you have to hold hands to form a net to catch the fish! The fish being the people who have to ride to the other side of the hall!

Cat and Mouse

This game is interesting! You have one cat, one mouse and several chains of at least two people! The cat chases the mouse, but the mouse is allowed to join the end of a chain, and the person on the other end of the chain becomes the new mouse! If the cat catches the mouse then the rolls are reversed, the cat becomes the new mouse and the mouse becomes the new cat! This is a silly game that requires a lot of people, but it is quite fun! You have to keep a good watch of who is the mouse and who is the cat! And if you understood those instructions defiantly give this game a try!


I’m sure many unicyclists have at least heard of this game! It is hockey. But played on unicycles!

For more information on hockey rules look at the International Unicycling Federation Publications Website here.


Another well known game that is played on unicycles! See the IUF Basketball Rules.


For all you Harry Potter fans a group of us have been experimenting with an adaptation of this magical game for unicyclists! The game works very well and has been very popular with people who have played it. See the Quiditch Rules at's UK Webiste.


This game sounds as mad and as silly as it is! The game is based on the medieval game where the aim is to knock you opponent of his horse using a lance! Well we have tried this on unicycles, but because we don’t really want to impale our opponents on a lance we use poles with and I quote ‘huge marshmallow like things’ on the end! Lots of padding on the end of the stick and this game is fun without being painful at all!

American Football

And ..... there's always American football!  Watch SB Nation's footage here.


There are many races that can be done on the unicycle. Here are some

• Forwards fast race – the winner is the 1st person to get to the set destination
• Backwards fast race – the winner is the 1st person to get to the set destination riding backwards
• I footed fast race – the winner is the 1st person to get to the set destination riding 1 footed
• Slow Race – the winner is the last person to get to the set destination, people are not allowed to idle or pedal backwards!
• Backwards Slow Race – the winner is the last person to get to the set destination riding backwards, people are not allowed to idle or pedal forwards!
• Bunny hopping – the winner is the 1st person to get to the set destination bunny hopping
• Relay – in this race you have teams! Each person in the team has to do a different skill to the other side of the set distance. The 1st team to have all there members to complete there skill while racing is the winner


A game that is being experimented with at the moment is unicycle tennis! If anyone has had any luck with this or any ideas please Contact Us!

Thanks to top UK unicyclist Leigh Wilkins for compiling this page.

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