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Nimbus Rider Tool kit

The Nimbus Mutli Tool that comes with all the tools you will need for when you go riding.

Nimbus has put together the most common tools you need in one place for when you go riding wether its your mountain unicycle or a giraffe.

8 movable blades including:

  • 2.0mm allen Key (schlumpf button)
  • 2.5mm allen Key
  • 3.0mm allen Key
  • 4.0mm allen key (saddle bolt)
  • 5.0mm allen key (bearing clamp)
  • Torx T25 (disc brakes)
  • Screwdriver blade
  • Tire levers x 2 including:
  • 5.0mm allen key (Seat clamp)
  • 8.0mm allen key (crank)
  • 4.0mm spoke key (12g) (penny farthing)
  • 3.5mm spoke key (14g) (unicycle)
  • 3.0mm spoke key (15g) (bike)
  • 8.0mm ring spanner
  • 10mm ring spanner (bearing housing)
  • Chain tool (giraffe chain)
  • Weight: 122g
  • Size: 4cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm
Item Code: UX-TOOL-N-KIT
Item Unit: EACH
$32.50 (Inc GST)