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Unicycle Stand 24" Black
Robust wire frame specially designed to store and show off your unicycle when you are not riding it. .

Comes with plastic coated paint and an extra thick plastic top to keep your paint in pristine condition 6mm thick plastic coated wire. The 20" stand is 400mm high and the 24" is 500mm.

If you already have an unicycle you may have figured out that they are quite hard to stand up. They won't lean against a wall very well, being freestanding is not an option and it gets tiresome having to hold them all the time you're not riding. So what's the solution?

A unicycle stand could help.

Unicycle stands appear to be straight forwards but can actually prove quite tricky.

There follows instructions for the inexperienced stand user:

- Make sure the stand is stood the correct way up. The wide short bit is the base with the longer thinner bit vertical.
- Choose which direction you want your unicycle to face.
- Hook the rear crank through the gap in the middle of the upright section.
- Rest the wheel on the base as far forwards as possible, preferably with the tyre touching the lip at the front..
-Carefully lean the unicycle frame back into the curve of the upright section and let go!

Item Code: UX-STAND-24
Item Unit: EACH
$12.95 (Inc GST)