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KH Leg Armour - Medium

Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armour is the first armour designed for the specific demands of unicyclists. Keep your skin where it belongs; on your body. The KH Leg Armour gives full coverage to both the front and back of the lower leg yet are cool and well-ventilated behind the knee. The knee padding extends high above the knee to resist sagging and they're quick to put on and take off weighing just 650g (size large). Wash them by hand or in a front-loader washing machine. Remember; use of this equipment will not guarantee protection against injury; ride within your limits!

  1. Inside-knee protection is on the strap, not the armour, so it doesn't interfere with knee flex,
  2. Hardshell knee protection is low profile with knee straps wrapping from the inside to the outside to avoid catching on the fork crown,
  3. Full abrasion protection around the inside leg and rear leg, with ventilation behind the knee, and
  4. Armour extends fully to the ankle joint, supporting the armour all the way to the knees without requiring restrictive straps at the knee joint.

To find the correct size, measure the length of your leg from the top of your ankle joint to the middle of your knee.A general guide based on your height is also given, however, size preference will vary based on personal leg length.

Sizing Guide

Small (S)

Shin 35.0cm (14”)

Height 150cm – 160cm (5’0”-5’4”)

Medium (M)

Shin 37.5cm (15”)

Height 160cm – 170cm (5’4”-5’8”)

Large (L)

Shin 40.0cm (16”)

Height 170cm – 180cm (5’8”-5’11”)

X-Large (XL)

Shin 42.5cm (17”)

Height 180cm – 190cm (5’11”-6’2”)

XX-Large (XXL)

Shin 45.0cm (18”)

Height 190cm (6’2”) plus

Washing Guide: By hand or in a front-load washing machine. Do up all velro before washing in a front-load washer. Do not wash with other articles that could become stuck to the armour Velcro. Do not wash in a top-loader. Do not use bleach.



Kris Holm


1100 denier ballistics nylon with wicking polyester lining




650g (pair)

Item Code: UX-SG-LEG-KH-M
Item Unit: Pair
$99.00 (Inc GST)