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Teach Unicycling Book

The essential resource for anyone who would like to teach others to ride. A great booklet packed practical tips and techniques from 10 years of riding and teaching hundreds riders.

Teach Unicycling contains the distilled experience of top NZ and UK riders who have been teaching others for years. From the cover:

Unicycling is too much fun! So we wrote this book to share it with you. Teach Unicycling contains the collected experience of top New Zealand and UK riders who have taught hundreds of people to ride over more than 10 years. It is an essential guide for teachers, home school parents and unicycle clubs.

Inside are practical tips on
- How to Ride a Unicycle
- How to teach Children to Ride
- Sizing and Selecting
- Basic Maintenance
- Fun things to do: Hockey, Sumo
- International Skill Levels
- Internet Resources
- Indoor activities
- Safety tips

And much more...

Look Inside the book: download a PDF sample page (160kb)

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$7.95 (Inc GST)