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36" Nimbus Nightrider - Lite

The Nimbus Nightrider Lite 36" x 2.25" Tyre is Nimbus's lighter version of the original innovative 36 inch tyre. The Nightrider tyre has an innovative cross-cut tread pattern that offers a huge improvement in performance and control. The 2-ply construction makes it one of the lightest 36" tyres on the market and it's rated to an impressive 65 PSI. 36" x 2 ¼" Tyre in 2 ply. This tyre is one of the best 36" tyres offering grip on a wide widdder selection of surafces compared to the competitors. It also is rated up to 65 psi for road riding. As fitted to the Nimbus Oracle and Nightfox and Kris Holm Products (outside Europe).

Light weight 36" unicycle or bicycle tyre. This is a high quality road or race tyre for big wheels

Size: 36x2.25", to fit 787mm rim
Colour: Black
Construction: 2-ply
Pressure Rating: Max 65PSI
Tread Pattern:Road/Touring/Trail.

Weight: 1400g ( /- 50g)

Item Code: UP-TYR-36-N-LT
Item Unit: EACH
$125.00 (Inc GST)