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19" Nimbus Cyko-Lite tyre x2.5

The Nimbus Cyko-Lite tyre 20 x 2.5 is the lightest trials tyre on the market weighing 840 grams. That’s almost 200 grams lighter than the Monty Eagles Claw and 180 grams lighter than the famous Maxxis Creepy-Crawler trials tyre. Made from a soft super sticky rubber compound.

Product Description

  • Made from a soft super sticky rubber the Cyko-Lite offers the best of both worlds, super grip with low weight
  • Approx. 840 grams
  • PSI of 20-50.
  • Only fits on the 20" trials rims.
  • Note: Logo shown may not be supplied on the tyre.
Item Code: UP-TYR-19-N-CL
Item Unit: EACH
$50.00 (Inc GST)