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Patch Kit Inner Tube - Clear

We have had a totally new type of tube for the 36" tyres that we commissioned FOSS to produce for us. This kit contains a CLEAR inner tube & patch

The problem with the big wheels is that the inner tubes weigh a ton! This deminished the performence of the tyre and hence the unicycle. Traditionally people have fitted 29" tubes to help solve this, but it has problems with blowouts and punctures; now we can supply a correctly sized light weight tube.

These tubes are made by FOSS and they have taken the mountain bike world by storm. Not only are they light but they have self sealing properties for thorns and other intrusions and can be thermally repaired (we have seen this done with a lighter).


Valve type: Schrader
Material: EFT - highly polymerized un-vulcanized rubber composite. When punctured, the material forms and air-tight seal retarding the leak speed giving the rider extra time to make safe repairs.
Weight: 30% lighter than traditional tubes, EFT have a density if only 0.88 g/cc compared to that traditional tubes which can have densities up to 1.3 g/cc.
Elasticity: The elasticity of EFT make them resistant explosion and pinches providing added safety for riders.
Environmentally Friendly: Made from modified thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE), EFT can be recycled with other TPE products protecting the environment by minimizing waste.

The tubes are supplied with valve washer & patch kit.

Foss Clear Inner Tube Patch Kit specifically designed for repairing the FOSS/Nimbus clear tubes.

Note: not suitable for rubber tubes.

Item Unit: EACH
$5.75 (Inc GST)