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29" Schwalbe Tube 1.5" - 2.40"

A boxed Schwalbe AV19 Inner Tube 29" x 1.5 - 2.35 with a 40mm Auto Valve.

Reliability - each tube is inflated at the Schwalbe factory for 24 hours and tested for leaks.

Air Retention - Schwalbe use a very high butyl content and a very high material purity to ensure their tubes retain air pressure considerably longer than other tubes.

Recycling - every Tube is 100% recycleable and without any loss of quality Schwalbe use recycled material in the production of their new tubes. They have developed in their own factory a special devulcanization process which for several years has proved very successful. Every Schwalbe standard tube is made up of 20% recycled old tubes. Taking into account all transport routes, the energy balance is positive - just a fifth of the energy is used in comparison with the production of new butyl!

Item Code: UP-TUBE-29-AV19
Item Unit: EACH
$9.50 (Inc GST)