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24" Tube UDC Boxed 3.00"

An boxed replacement 24" x 3" inner tube for mountain unicycles with large volume tyres.

Until now mountain unicyclists had to put up with standard 24" inner tubes in their 24 x 3" tyres. Running a standard 24" inner means that the rubber of the inner tube is stretched paper thin and is vulnerable to pinch flats. This new 24" x 3" inner tube is correctly matched to the tyre's size and fixes this problem. You can ride without fear of pinch-flatting any more!

Note: this inner tube will only fit 24" unicycles with 2.5" or larger tyre width, such as the KH24 and Nimbus Muni unicycles.

Item Code: UP-TUBE-24S3-Box
Item Unit: EACH
$17.50 (Inc GST)