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Nimbus Flat saddle Black
The Nimbus Flat Saddle is designed for the rider who prefers a stiff, thin saddle. The narrow foam allows the rider the ability to perform trials, street or flat tricks without the saddle interferring. This is one cool looking saddle
Features: Stiff and strong saddle frame, rear bumper and front handle Thin padding makes it easy to grip on the side for trials, or in any orientation for street and flatland. Rounded rear bumper is protective, comfortable to grab, and shaped to reduce thigh irritation during tricks Bumpers and seatpost are secured with low profile 4 mm hex bolts (no need for a 10 mm wrench) Saddle frame, rear bumper and front handle are marked (PP#5) for end-of-life recycling 750 grams
Item Code: UP-SD-NFLT
Item Unit: EACH
$65.00 (Inc GST)