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Nimbus Air Saddle

The Nimbus Air Saddle - a game changer in the creation of a comfortable long distance and Muni saddle.

The main comfort of the saddle is provided by a special air bladder which runs across the whole top surface of the saddle. The Air bladder is entombed in a super soft foam which provides the necessary support for the air bladder and keeps the saddle shape. The air bladder is constructed from a super tough highly flexible plastic which contains a series of interconnecting pockets in 3 sealed zones; front, middle and rear. This allows the air to move around the bladder and give a more cushioned feel to the rider without bottoming out.

This saddle is supplied with the new longer Nimbus saddle handle which comes with larger hole so allowing you to grip it more like traditional handlebar. Saddle comfort is a tricky thing and no Unicycle saddle is ever going to feel like your favourite chair but with this saddle we believe we are pretty close.

A prototype version of this saddle was tested by Ed Pratt (he rode around the world on a unicycle) for the last few months of his ride, and he reported that it was the most comfortable saddle he had ridden in the 3 years he was riding.

  • Mounting bolts included
  • Fits a standard seat post with a 4-bolt pillar bracket.
  • Not compatible with the Pivotal seat post.

Weight: 740g

Item Code: UP-SD-N-AIR-BLK
Item Unit: EACH
$185.00 (Inc GST)