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KH Zero saddle Black/Blue

Kris Holm's Fusion Zero saddles have been refined through nearly a decade of riding and balance priorities that include strength and stiffness, anatomical support for different body types and preferences, and ergonomics for grabbing the saddle and handle during tricks.

At the heart of the saddle is the Kris Holm saddle base, engineered to properly support the sitting bones while being sufficiently narrow to avoid thigh irritation when pedalling. Stress modelling was used to achieve very high strength and stiffness at minimal weight. A rear bumper provides protection and an ergonomic front handle provides control. The entire underside perimeter of the frame, rear bumper, and front handle are rounded for comfort when gripping.

The Fusion Zero brings bike saddle performance to unicycling. With a gentle curve to reduce front pressure and a slim profile to reduce chafing, the Fusion Zero feels like a supportive bike saddle with the control of a unicycle saddle. Strong and comfortable, the Fusion Zero is designed for all riding styles and for beginners through experts. Link to Kris Holm's Fusion Zero Saddle Product Sheet.



Kris Holm


Fusion Zero


Very Gentle


Black with blue highlights


Nylon 12 Fibre composite material; exceptionally stiff, strong & impact resistant

Riding Style

Muni, Distance, All-round


Pivotal Seatpost



This saddle only works with pivotal seatposts. Be sure when you order this Kris Holm Fusion Zero saddle that you have, or place an order for, a Pivotal Seatpost - available in 25.4mm or 27.2mm .

Item Code: UP-SD-KH-ZERO
Item Unit: EACH
$95.00 (Inc GST)

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