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KH Street saddle Blue

Completely upgraded, the Kris Holm Fusion Street saddle is designed for Trials, Street, Flat, Freestyle riding, and Distance touring for those who prefer a slimmer more "bike-like" saddle with the T-bar touring handle.

A saddle two years in the making, Kris Holm has once again pushed back the frontiers of unicycle saddle technology! The Fusion Street 09 and the Fusion Freeride 09 saddles share the same improved saddle frame.

Check out all these hot new improvements:

  • The Fusion Street saddle's frame has been re-shaped to be stronger, stiffer, more comfortable, and easier to grab. Now slightly wider through the back to better fit your 'sit bones' without interfering with pulling the seat out front.
  • The rear bumper is rounded and reshaped to eliminate thigh irritation at the side corners of the bumper during seat-in-front riding.
  • All dome nuts are gone, replaced with 4 mm allen bolts that screw into inserts in the frame.
  • Slim, easy-to-grab padding with centre gel insert for comfort
  • Removable cover with hidden drawstring.
  • The front handle is unchanged.
  • Kris Holm Unicycles cares about the planet and has marked the Fusion Freeride's saddle base and rear bumper with the appropriate recycling symbol (polypropylene).
  • Weight: 774g.
  • Available in Blue.
Item Code: UP-SD-FS-BLU
Item Unit: EACH
$89.00 (Inc GST)