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Rim 26" KH Freeride

The 26" KH Freeride has bombproof wide rims, designed especially with unicyclists in mind - an improved model with ovalised cut-outs and offset spoke holes.

Mountain and trials unicycling places unique strength demands on rims. On bikes, the highest stress is vertical because the wheel is turning at relatively high speeds. In comparison, unicycling places larger lateral (sideways) forces on rims, especially when riders land with a non-rolling wheel. Kris Holm double wall rims are purpose built for mountain and trials unicycling and represent an ideal combination of width and strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Built wide and strong for fat tires and heavy abuse, these are the choice when strength is the most important factor
  • Double wall aluminium construction
  • Ovalised cut-out holes for reduced weight
  • Hard black anodised
  • Braking surface
  • Eyeletted for better wheel tension
  • 36 offset spoke holes
  • Width: 47mm (26")
  • ERD: 546mm (26")
  • Weight: 686g (26")

Note: The use of KH Rim Tape is strongly recommended with this rim. Ordinary rim tape is too narrow to cover the drilled cut-outs and your inner tube will bulge through the rim!

Information on the spoke length for building a wheel can be found using UK's Spoke Calculator.

Item Code: UP-RIM-26-KH
Item Unit: EACH
$125.00 (Inc GST)