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Odyssey Twisted Pedals Donuts

The Odyssey Twisted Pro Swirl Donut Pedal stays true to the original Twisted PC's style, the Twisted Pro offers a larger body shape, slimmer height and more concave while still being built around a traditional loose-ball bearing configuration.

This platform pedal is made from tough lightweight plastic with small spurs to provide superior grip. Remember the pedal threads are different on the right & left. The right pedal loosens anticlockwise and tightens clockwise. The left pedal loosens clockwise and tightens anticlockwise.

Odyssey Twisted Plastic Pedals are available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Hawaii, Galaxy, Tie Dye Black/Yellow, Tie Die Black/Blue, Tie Dye Black/Purple, Tie Dye Blue, Tie Dye Purple, Glow Orange, Glow Pink, Glow Purple, Glow Yellow, I Purple, I Blue, I Clear, I Green, Pro-Swirl Black/Green and Pro Swirl Donuts.

Sold in pairs.

  • High-strength Nylon composite
  • 12 oversized pins per side
  • Traditional looseball bearings
  • Chromoly spindle
  • High-strength plastic composite
  • Wider & longer pedal body
  • Larger concave area
  • Slimmer profile
  • 9/16″ spindle
  • 104mm Width
  • 98mm Length
  • 398g (pair)
Item Unit: PAIR
$29.95 (Inc GST)