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Hub Nimbus 36H ISIS Wide Disc

Nimbus 'Oracle' Disc Hub is the first production hub with 100mm spacings.


  • ISIS spline is strong and creak free
  • Super strong CrMO spindle
  • Wide flange spacing for increased wheel strength
  • Fittings for disc brake.
  • Flange material hardness and shape are designed to maximize spoke strength
  • Sealed, 42mm bearings with 100mm spacing-included
  • 36 spoke holes
  • Comes with pair of M12 ISIS bolts
  • Weighs: 670g (including bolts and spacers)

These will fit all ISIS cranks except Koxx ISIS cranks.

Note: this hub will not fit in frames with machined bearing housings designed for 40mm bearings. It requires either pressed bearing housings or frames machined to take these larger bearings.This hub must have a Disc brake tab on the frame to work.

Hub flange width (W) Disc side = 31mm Non Disc side = 66mm
Hub flange Diameter (D) = 56mm
Hub hole Diameter (S) = 2.8mm

Information on the spoke length for building a wheel can be found on our Spoke Calculator Note that this hub is dished by 18mm so the calculations using the spoke calculator will only be approximate.

Item Code: UP-HUB-N-36ISIS-WDisc
Item Unit: EACH
$150.00 (Inc GST)