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16" Nimbus Performer Wheel Kit

This is a great way to enhance your giraffe. The reduced size of the wheel the giraffe will make it appear more dramatic and taller; while actually being smaller. The wheels foot print is smaller so making it better in confined spaces. The gear ratio on the wheel is the same as the standard 20" wheel so giving a similar feel to the rider. The wheel comes with the fantastic 16x 2.4 trials tyre so making it ideal for outdoor performances and even for use on cobbles.

* 16" x 2.4" (64x305) tyre in black
* Black aluminium rim
* 36x Stainless steel 14g spokes
* 36" double sprocket aluminium with CrMO spindle.
* 2x Nimbus Giraffe plate sprockets (22 tooth)

Weight: 1770g

Note: the chains will require different number of links to standard giraffe sizes.

Manufacturer : Nimbus
Size - Wheel : 20"
Rim Width : 32mm
Number of Spokes : 36 Hole
Type - Spokes : 14g

Item Code: UP-GP-NP-16-KIT
Item Unit: EACH
$140.00 (Inc GST)