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Giraffe Performer Ext'n 400mm

These extensions can be used to raise the height of your Performer Giraffe by 16 inches (400mm).

With the appropriate length chains (not supplied) you can convert your Nimbus Performer Giraffe into a 6 foot or 8 foot unicycle.

Made of CroMo for extra strength with lugs for seatpost bolt and slot-key to prevent it twisting. Chromed and fits with a 27.2mm seatpost (please check which diameter you need). Comes with quick-release bolt.

A rough guide to heights on the Nimbus performer giraffe:
0 extensions = 5'
1 short extension = 6'
1 long extension = 6½'
1 long & 1 short extension = 7'
2 long extensions = 8'
This is based on height with seat set for rider with 32" leg length not height with seat at max. height.

Item Code: UP-GP-N-GIRP-EXT400
Item Unit: EACH
$50.00 (Inc GST)