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24" Nimbus E-Sport Basketball

24" Nimbus E-Sport Basketball Unicycle

The Nimbus E-Sport Basketball Unicycle will let you hit the court with an advantage. Due to its frame design from freestyle, this lightweight unicycle rewrites the rules in handling. Needless to say this unicycle will make you a contender on and off the court.

Super light, rigid 24" unicycle that is specially designed for playing basket ball with... although it is acutally a really nice unicycle that could be used for anything else!


Saddle: Nimbus gel (black) Second generation KH design base with (white) front lift handle and rear bumper
Seat post: Nimbus 25.4mm x 300mm (black) aluminum with a welded rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole
Seat post clamp: Nimbus 30.5mm (black) double bolt, aluminum
Frame: Nimbus E - Sport 24" (black) Narrow 92mm spaced 120mm seattube 7005 series aluminium with 42mm machined maincap bearing housings
Hub/axle: Nimbus LT ISIS (black) Narrow, 36H, 7075 series hardened aluminium splindle, 92mm centre bearing to centre bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (236mm in length for 3X) with brass silver nipples
Rim: Nimbus FS2432 20" (black) 36H, 32mm wide, doublewall, reinforced eyelets, aluminium
Rim strip: Rubber
Tube size: 24" x 1.95"
Tire: K-rad 24" x 1.95"
Crank arms: Nimbus Venture2 125mm (black) ISIS splined, aluminium
Pedals: Nimbus Venture (white) reinforced plastic body, CrMo axle with 9/16 threads
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm x 12mm
Approx. cycle weight: 4.5kg

Item Code: UNI-N-ESPORT24B
Item Unit: EACH
$525.00 (Inc GST)