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16" Club Beginners Trials Uni

This 16" Club Beginners Trials Unicycle is for the little kids who are just too small for a full size trials unicycle but want to bounce around.

Saddle: Club Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: UDC 'Heavy Duty' Seatpost 220mm - (22.2)
Seatpost Clamp: Double-bolt Aluminium Seatpost Clamp - 25.4mm
Frame: 16" Club Unicycle Frame - Black, 40mm
Wheel-Size: 16"
Tyre: 16x2.4" Mini-Trials tyre
Rim: 16" Aluminium double-walled rim in Black
Spokes: 36 spokes
Hub: UDC CrMO Cotterless Hub - 36 Hole
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome 102mm
Pedals: Large platform plastic pedals 9/16" thread

Weight: 4.6kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 58cm (22.8"), Maximum - 71.5cm (28.1")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 57cm (22.4")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes

If you'd like to swap the black saddle for a Club Multi Coloured polka dot at no extra cost, please add a note during check-out.

Item Code: UNI-CLUB-16BT
Item Unit: EACH
$185.00 (Inc GST)