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Penny Farthing 32"

This fantasic 32" Penny Farthing is a great size for kids and adults who want a fun Penny Farthing at a great price! A stepping stone for the really big Penny Farthings, it combines vintage styling with modern technology. The pneumatic 32" front tyre and 8" plastic rear wheel provide a comfortable ride in nostalgic style. This Penny has a small step on the rear of the frame to assist mounting.

Having the correct geometry makes it better to ride than the vas majority of other small Penny Farthings.

Recommneded leg length (measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes) - minimum 66cm (26").

Saddle: Penny Farthing sprung saddle - brown
Frame: 32" reinforced steel frame - Black
Wheel-size: 32" pneumatic front, 8" solid back
Front Spokes: 36x Stainless Steel 14G.
Front Tyre: 32" Nimbus Nightrider Tyre (32" x 2.25")
Front Rim: Aluminium Rim with 36 Spoke Holes (black)
Rear Wheel: 8" reinforced plastic wheel with solid tyre and sealed bearings
Hub: UDC Cotterless Hub - 36 Hole
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Black 127mm
Pedals: Round Plastic Pedals - Black
Handlebars: Chrome with Black Grips

Weight: 10.5kg

Item Code: B-PF-32
Item Unit: EACH
$585.00 (Inc GST)