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Action Shots

Riders all around the country are doing crazy stuff with our gear: pushing the boundaries of safety and sanity. It makes for great photos. (We know! We've got heaps!)

Here is how to get your photo into the Action Shots which show on every Product Detail page:

  • Buy one of our products! :-)
  • Snap a photo. It doesn't have to be extreme (in fact, we encourage "Safe Riding", don't we boys?!). Pretty well anything goes, as long as you are having fun... Make us smile, make us cry, make us say "gotta try that!"
  • Email the photos to  You may want to suggest a caption. If the photo is dark or distant then let us know which product page it should appear on. Photos should be JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg extension) and less than 1Mb.
  • We check all sumbissions manually, and may crop or resize your image to make it sit nicely with the others. Sometimes we are quite busy, so it may take a week or two for us to get to it. Not all photos are published. Photos must be  tasteful!
  • Your photo will be immortalised in shining golden glory as an inspiration to the rest of us! Hallelujah!


Action Shots: Just Arrived!

Peter playing ultimate wheel hockey
Chris Wallace Riding his Nimbus Trials in Sydneys Inner West
Great new white frames
Great new white frames
New white frame
Mick De Liva going crazy on his KH 29
Connor getting some big height
Riley Stevenson doing trials at an un-named local public institution where kids go to learn during the week and they are not meant for riding trials after hours. Nice places to ride though!
Phil Masters on holidays at Port Macquarie
This is not an action shot, but some riders love to customise their unicycles. Riley Stevenson can average 18k/h on his Club Freestyle.