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Q. What size unicycle would be easiest to learn on?
A. It depends on both your leg length and what kind of riding you want to do.

If the unicycle is for a child under 10 they are likely to be limited by the length of their legs, select the largest unicycle you can fit them on, to up 20" – you will find the leg length in the description of the unicycle. A 20" wheel will roll better than a 16" and hence will be easier to learn with.

If the leg length is long enough to fit on a 24" then you need to assess what style of unicycling is preferred. A 20" is best for doing tricks on and riding on smooth ground – these are preferred by jugglers, skate boarders, bmxers, etc... basically people who like doing tricks. 24" is less good for tricks and is better for moving, especially over rougher ground, they are preferred by mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Q. Is there a weight limit on unicycles?
A. No. It is not actually possible to say that a unicycle will not break when used, what can do is offer recommendations. Here are the basic rules if you are just Hoppley or Club unicycle and are over 12 stone we recommend the Trainer unicycle as it has a bigger saddle and a stronger hub. If you are wanting to jump or hop on the unicycle you should consider one of the ISIS unicycles (except for young children) as they are considerably more robust and designed for this kind of treatment.

Q. Is a 5 year old too young to learn to ride a unicycle?
A. No. There are many instances of children younger than 5 who have learnt to ride. It often takes a little longer older children tend to have shorter attention spans.

If you check your child leg length and find it is too small for our standard 12" talk to us and we can cut a frame down for you. The youngest unicycle rider in the world was only 18 months old.

Q. My 10 year old wants to ride a unicycle which one should we pick?
A. If your child is 10 they are mostly likely to be big enough to ride on a 20"Hoppley, they are robust and ideal for children learning. If you think they are interesting in doing tricks and going further with their unicycling select a Club unicycle. Besides them coming in bright colours, they have a fantastic saddle, shorter cranks and a square topped frame for doing tricks on.

Q. My 14 year old son wants a unicycle and has been watching unicycles jumping on YouTube?
A. It is more than likely that you will need to be looking in the Trials Section. These unicycles have larger tyres that absorb the shock when jumping. At 14 you should probably be looking at the 19" ISIS unicycles, we recommend the Nimbus Trials series as they are competitively priced and are extremely rigid.
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